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Tuesday, November 2


10 PVC passthrough
5 Inchworm pushup
10 Wall slides
10 T-spine rotation
2 Wall walk up
10 Lat pull
5 BTN strict press empty bar
5 Strict press
2-4 Strict pullup


A) 5-5-5-5 Strict press (same weight across)
10 minutes including warm-up.

B) 50 Strict Pullups for time (Scale to 35, Rx+ strict chest to bar)
At the start of every minute complete 5 burpee (Scale to 3)
*10 minute cap.Scale pullups by using a band or performing eccentric pullup. Sub ring row if you cannot show control on an eccentric pullup.

:30 Puppy dog (L/R/Middle)
1:00 Archer

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