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Thursday, November 4


Warm up:
10 Bootstrapper
5 Inchworm
25 Jumping jax
:30 Assault bike
:30 Burpee
:30 Superman
20 Shoulder tap in plank
20 DU/10 SU
6 Renegade Row

Partner WOD:
2 Rounds for time of:
*200m Run
Assault bike calorie

200m Run

200m Run
Abmat sit-up

200m Run
Renegade Row (35/25#)

2 minute rest

*While P1 runs, P2 completes AMRep of prescribed movement. When P1 returns, P2 runs while P1 completes AMRep of same movement. Continue on for each movement for 2 rounds.
22 Minute Cap.

1:00 Foam roll quad
1:00 Foam roll lat

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