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WOD: CFNE “Big Clean Complex”
6 Sets for Max Load
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Push Press
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Push Jerk
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Split Jerk

Each set consists of 12 reps, without dropping the bar (if you must drop after the overhead movements, it’s allowed – just be quick to get back on the bar). Complete 6 total sets. Rest as needed between sets and try to increase weight after each set. All cleans must be full/squat cleans (power cleans and push jerks are allowed for those with 6 months or less experience ).
*24 minute cap

Watch Katrin Davisdottir perform the BCC at 165#!

1:00 Low dragon
1:00 Lizard
1:00 Saddle

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