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Friday, November 6


30 Jumping jax
10 Narrow stance air squat
:20 planche plank hold (fingertips turned towards toes)
10 Scales
20 Speed skaters
10 Single arm push press (5 each side)
5 Roll to candlestick
5 Yoga pushup
10 T-spine rotation

4-5 Rounds of:
10 DB Strict Press (Choose a weight that is challenging for 10 reps)
12 Pistols (Scale to pistol on a box or 1 1/4 narrow stance squat)
*150m DB Carry
Rest :90

Round 1 Carry= Overhead carry
Round 2= Mixed overhead/Front rack
Round 3= Front rack
Round 4= Mix Front rack/Farmers
Round 5= Farmers

Home WOD/Zoom:
Same as above

2:00 Frog pose

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