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Saturday, November 6


3 Inchworm Pushup
8 Reverse lunge w/ 2 second pause at bottom
10 Shoulder circles
150m Run
3 Deep squat complex
2 Rope get up
10/7 Air bike calorie
3 Man maker
4 COB pullup
3 C2B pullup

Partner WOD:
For time:
20 Rope Climb (scale to 10-14 climb or 2-for-1 rope get up)
80 men/60 women Air Bike Calorie (scale to 60/40)
30 Man Maker (choose a load that allows you to complete a rep every 10 seconds or less)
1 mile Run together (if you have a mile time of >8 minutes, scale to 800-1000m)
50 C2B 30 (if your team cannot do at least 10 a minute scale to 30-35 reps, scale to COB or ring row)

*27 min cap. One person working at a time (except for run)
Partition as needed and complete in any order.

:45 Archer
:45 Low Dragon

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