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Saturday, November 7


4 Deep squat complex
8 Spiderman lunge
12 Up/downs
10 Top down deadlift
8 Muscle clean
6 Hang Power clean
7 Tuck jumps
3 Burpee pullup

A) 8 minutes to build to a heavy power clean

B) “G.I. Jane”
100 Burpee Pullup for time
*16 minute time cap.
Scale to 75/50. If you do not have unassisted pullups modify to jumping pullup.

Home WOD:
For time:
15 DB Power Clean (50/35#)
50 Burpee Pullup (Scale to 25-32, Sub DB Renegade row R/L + bodyweight burpee)
15 DB Power Clean
50 Burpee Pullup (Scale to 25-32)
15 DB Power Clean

1:00 Twisted cross
1:00 Puppy dog

Happy Birthday Casey Davidson!

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