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Monday, December 7


Happy Birthday Kristen Bodine & Sam Majerus!

4 Inchworm
20 Jumping jax
30 Mountain climber
5 Bootstrapper
6 Muscle clean+Top down deadlift+
Power clean+Hang Power clean
10 Step up
:30 Wrist stretch

EMOM x 24 (6 sets)
Min 1: 3 (Power clean + Hang power clean) Choose a weight were you can go UB.
Min 2: 6-15 Gorilla box jump over (20″)
Min 3: 20-30 Reverse plank toe taps (crab taps)
Min 4: 5-12 Burpee

Home WOD:
Same as above
Do :45 of Power clean + hang power clean instead of 3.
If not able to do gorilla box jump over, sub jump over odd object.

1:30 Lizard

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