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Wednesday, November 11


Happy Veterans Day! No classes at 6pm, otherwise regular schedule.

Happy Birthday Mike Donahue!

5 Yoga push-ups
3 Deep squat complex
200m Row
2 sets w/ barbell of:
5 Strict press
4 Push press
3 Push jerk
2 Split jerk

then 200m Row

A) 1RM Jerk
10 minutes to establish a 1RM Push or Split jerk
We will be working on the jerk for the next several weeks, make sure to record your top load!

B) For time:
2000m Row or 100/80 calorie Assault bike
Compare to 091620

Home WOD/Zoom:
A) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets)
1-2 Wall walk up w/ 10 second hold (scale by doing a pike walk up on bench or box) or sub Turkish get-up w/ 10 second hold at top left/right.
12 DB Push press or jerk
10 Scales

B) For time:
2000m Row, 1 mile run or 100/80 calorie Assault bike

1:00 Archer
1:00 Puppy Dog

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