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Friday, November 20


10 Leg Swing
10 Spiderman lunge
30 Jumping jax
20 Mountain Climber
10 Step-up
5 Pike Pushup on box
10 Bird dog
10 Burpee
6 Front rack lunge
6 Box jump

A) 8 min build to a heavy set of
4 Front Rack Reverse Lunge.
Build heavier than last week.

B) For time:
30-20-10 Front rack lunge @50% of whatever you worked up to in part A
20-15-10 HSPU (PIke pushup)
20-15-10 Box jump (30/24″”)
*10 minute cap.

Home WOD/Zoom:
Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5 sets)
20 Front rack reverse lunge (50/35#) This should be heavy enough that you have to break them up into 2-3 sets. Go heavier than last week if you have the ability to.
15 HSPU, Pike Pushup or Strict press
20 Box jump (30/24″”)


1:30 Frog

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