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Monday, November 22


Thanksgiving schedule:
Wednesday classes at 5am, 6am, 6:45am, 9:00am and open gym at 12:30pm.
Thursday closed for Thanksgiving!
Friday classes at 8 & 9am

10 Leg Swings
20 Jumping jax
6 Spiderman lunge
20 Mountain climber
10 Wall squat
10 Lat pull
3 Deep squat complex
8 Burpee
150m Run
5 Pullup
9 Front squat w/ empty barbell

A) 8 minutes to build to a Heavy 3-Rep Front Squat

B) 4 RFT:
15 C2B Pull-up (Scale to 7-10 Reps, COB or jumping pullup)
9 Front Squat @ 50-60% of part A
150m Run
*Scale in order to finish in under 14 minutes

:45 Archer
:45 Lizard

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