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Wednesday, November 22


Thanksgiving Schedule:
Wed, Nov 22nd: Last Class at 9am (Open Gym as usual)
Thanksgiving Thu, Nov 23rd: No Classes
(Run the Del Ray Turkey Trot!)
Fri, Nov 24th: Classes at 8am & 9am only

10 PVC pass through
4 Yoga push-up
14 T-spine opener
:20 Dead hang
10 Ring row
20 Shoulder tap in plank
10 Push-up + ( in a plank position pull shoulder blades together and apart)
10 PVC Halo
5 Up down dog
5 C2B pull-up

A) EMOM x 5 minutes
:30 C2B pull-up (no more than 18 per round, scale to band assisted or jumping)
:30 rest

B) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 sets)
UB Bench Press Set (135/95#, scale to a load that allows you to get ~10 reps)
150’ Heavy Farmers Carry (length of room, down and back)

1:00 Thread the needle
1:00 Archer

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