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Tuesday, November 23


Happy Birthday KT Thomen!

Thanksgiving schedule:
Wednesday classes at 5am, 6am, 6:45am, 9:00am and open gym at 12:30pm.
Thursday closed for Thanksgiving!
Friday classes at 8 & 9am

10 PVC passthrough
8 Floor slides
4 Yoga pushup
10 Hollow rock
8 Superman
5 reps 1x thru w/ PVC
Snatch high pull
Muscle snatch
Snatch balance
Hang power snatch
Hang power + OHS
Hang squat snatch
3 Deep squat complex
3x thru above complex w/ empty barbell
7 Burpee

A) EMOM x 10
Snatch grip deadlift + Hang squat snatch (Scale to hang power snatch or hang power snatch + OHS)
Build slowly over the course of 10 sets. Reduce weight if technique deteriorates or if there is a miss.

B) 100 Burpee for time
5 Push Press at the start of every minute including the first minute (Rx 115/80, 85/60, 60/45, 45/30)
Push press load should be no heavier than 60% of max.
**Scale burpees to 50-75 in order to finish in under 10 minute cap.

:30 Puppy
:30 Child’s pose
1:00 Saddle
1:00 Forward fold

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