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Monday, November 28


Happy Birthday Tina Figueroa, Tore DeBella and Courtney Wray!

There are still 3 more spots for the Power Hour Bench Press Seminar with Coach Lori!
The seminar will be held on Sunday, December 4 from 10-11am. Cost is just $35!
Link to register.

5 Up down dog
30 Jumping jax
4 Spiderman lunge
20 Mountain climber
150m Run
75′ Bear crawl
10 Superman
10 Hollow rock
20 Plank shoulder taps or Pike shoulder taps on box or 10-20 wall
4 Single arm pushpress each arm
4 Alternating DB snatch
Practice HS walk to wall or box walk around

A) 10 minute AMRAP:
*4 Handstand walk to wall (Set tape line @ 5′)
20 V-up/Tuck-up
*Scale walk to wall to 2 Pike box walk around (1/2 way around to left and 1/2 way around to right=4 handstand walk to wall)

Rest 2 minute

B) 10 minute AMRAP:
10 DB Single arm DB push press (Rx-50/35, Scale I-35/25, Scale II-25/15)
10 DB snatch
150m Run

1:00 Archer in saddle
1:00 Eagle with legs criss-crossed

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