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Friday, December 2


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Link to register. 

10 Leg swing
10 Bootstrapper
16 Fire hydrant
1 minute Air bike
1 minute Inchworm lunge
10 Hamstring walk out
10 Superman
10 Good morning
10 Sumo top down deadlift
5 Up down dog

A) 2 Sumo Deadlift
14 minutes to build to a heavy 2 rep max.

B) In teams of 3 rotate between:
1) 12 minute AMREP:
150′ Reverse sled pull (Choose a load that allows you to move at a steady pace down and back.)
2) Air bike calorie
3) Rest
* Score is total air bike calories.

:30 Child’s pose (L/R/M)
:30 Happy baby
1:00 Seated forward fold

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