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Tuesday, November 9


10 PVC Halo
5 Up/down dog
10 Wall or floor slides
4 Strict press
4 Push press
1 Wall walk up + :10 hold
5 Lat pull
5 Kip swing
10 PVC passthrough
4 COB pullup or jumping pullup
4 C2B pullup or ring row

A) Strict press 4-4-4
Push press 4-4-4
10 minute. Build over the course of 3 sets in the strict press, then build over the course of 3 sets in the push press.

B) EMOM x 5
x C2B pullup* (Scale to chin over bar pullup or ring row)

Rest 1 minute after completing all 5 sets of pullup.


EMOM x 5
x Strict HSPU* (Scale to Pike pushup)
*Choose a volume for both the pullup and HSPU that is challenging yet doable for al 5 sets.

:45 Archer
:45 Eagle
:45 Childs pose

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