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Monday, December 12


150m Run
10 Hollow Rocks
5 Perfect Stretch
15′ Fwd/Rev Bear Crawl
10 Goblet Good Morning
5 V-Up
1 Wall Walk-Up
10 Russian KB Swing
3:00 to Warm-Up HSPU and HSW

EMOM x 9
1: Max Distance Handstand Walk
2: 1 Round “Durante Core”
3: Rest

“Durante Core”
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Up
10 Tuck-Up
10-sec Hollow Hold

3 RFT:
400m Run
21 Russian KB Swing
12 Strict HSPU
*14 Min Cap*

Goal Time: 10-14 Min.
If the first round is over 4 minutes, scale the run as needed.

Choose a weight on KB Swings that allows you to go unbroken.

Scale Strict HSPU with a riser, Pike HSPU from box or floor, or Seated DB Press.

:45 Eagle
:45 Archer
:45 Forward Fold

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