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Tuesday, December 12


Join us for the CF MVA Ugly Sweater Happy Hour on Saturday, December 16th at 5pm!
Kids are welcome!

10 PVC passthrough
5 Up down dog
3 Deep squat complex
1 Wall walk up + 6 Shoulder tap
4 Yoga pushup
10 PVC halo
2 DB snatch
2 Box jump over
4 DB snatch
4 Box jump over

A) 10 minutes of Handstand walk practice.
Choose a progression in the linked video to work towards a handstand walk.
Level 1- Kick ups to wall w/ :10 hold. If you are not able to kick up to wall practice (wall walk ups)
Level 2- Hand lifts or shoulder taps
Level 3- Box walk arounds
Level 4- Walk away from wall or walk towards wall
Level 5- Unassisted handstand walks or w/ spotter

B) 10 minute AMReP:
DB snatch (50/35#)
Box jump over (28/24″)

1:00 Puppy dog
:30 Archer
:30 Eagle

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