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Wednesday, December 14


Happy Birthday Sasha Rutizer!

Leg Swings
5:00 AMRAP
3 Up/Down Dog
6 V-Up
9 Superman
150m Run
9 Lat Pull
6 Knee Raise
3 Burpee

2x Thru (with empty barbell, then light weight)
5 Deadlift
4 Muscle Clean
3 Push Press
2 Power Clean
1 Jerk

5 Rounds, each against a 3:00 clock:
6 Power Clean & Jerk (135/95)
12 T2B
AMRep Burpees to 6″ Target in remaining time
1:30 Rest

Score is Total Burpees to 6″ Target, with a goal of 10+ per round.

Scale T2B to Knee Raise. Scale bar weight and/or T2B reps to ensure at least 90 seconds for the AMRep.

For an extra challenge, go unbroken on Clean & Jerk!

:30 Wrist Stretch
:30 Side Puppy
:30 Straddle L/R/M

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