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Thursday, December 22


Happy Birthday Cara Notarfrancesco!

Holiday Schedule Reminder
Saturday Dec 24th: Open Gym 11am-1pm
Sunday Dec 25th: Open Gym 11am-1pm
Monday Dec 26th: Classes at 8am & 9am

P1 Bike 1:00 Easy
P2 Perfect Stretch
P1 Bike :40 Medium
P2 Up/Down Dog
P1 Bike :20 Hard
P2 Hollow Rocks
3 V-up Complex
10 Medball Twist

Partner WOD!
24:00 AMRAP
20/16 Calorie Air Bike
20 V-Up
20/16 Calorie Air Bike
300-ft KB/DB Farmer Carry (Heavy)
20/16 Calorie Air Bike
40 Medball Russian Twist

One partner working at a time.

Goal is 3-5 Rounds.

Need a recovery WOD? Alternate working with your partner :30 on, :30 off then go to the next movement. Work at 70% intensity regardless of rep-count, while your partner works at a higher intensity if they choose!

1:00 Twisted Lizard
1:00 Twisted Cross

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