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Saturday, December 26


Holiday Schedule:
Dec. 26: Classes at 8am and 9:15. *Note the 9am is pushed back 15 minutes to make time for the “12 Days of Christmas” workout!
NYE, Dec. 31: Classes at 6am, 7am and 9am only
NYD, Jan. 1: Classes at 10am only. (We will add a class if needed)

:30 Deep Squat Complex
:30 Narrow stance air squat
:30 Tuck up
:30 Jumping jax
:30 Box walk up in pike
:30 Burpee
:30 Bootstrapper
2 DB buster
2 DB hang power clean
2 DB snatch
2 DB lunge
5 Lat pull
4 Pullup
3 C2B pullup

WOD: “12 Days of Christmas”
1- DB Buster! (Burpee Thruster)
2- DB Front Squat
3-Burpee Box Jump
4-Pistol (box assist)
5-DB Hang Power Clean
6- DB Snatch
8-Roll to Candlestick
9-HSPU (pike on box)
10-DB Lunge
11-C2B Pull-up
12-V-up Complex
Rx 50/35#
*40 minute time cap.

Home WOD:
Sub V-up for T2B
Sub 2-for-1 Renegade Row for C2B Pullup

Mobility :
:30 Knees to belly
:30 Lying knee twist
1:00 Straddle


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