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Saturday, December 31


Holiday Schedule Reminder
Saturday Dec 31st: Classes at 8am & 9am
Sunday Jan 1st: Open Gym 11am-1pm
Monday Jan 2nd: Classes at 8am & 9am

2x Thru
3 Up/Down Dog
6 Spiderman Lunge
3 Perfect Stretch each side
6 Bootstrapper

Alternate with Partner of:
P1 Row
P2: 2x Thru With Empty Barbell
5 Deadlift
5 Power Clean
5 Front Squat
5 Push Press
5 Thruster

Work up to WOD Weight
*10 Min to Complete*

With a Partner, For Time:
Unbroken Power Clean
Unbroken Front Squat
Unbroken Push Press
Unbroken Thruster
Followed by a 2023m Row

*32 Min Cap*

P1 completes 10 Power Cleans unbroken, then P2 completes 10 Power Cleans unbroken. P1 completes 10 Front Squats unbroken, then P2 completes 10 Front Squats unbroken.

Continue this way thru all movements, with all reps unbroken.

After the final round of 1 rep for each movement, partners will row 2023m switching however they prefer.

Suggested Barbell Weights:

Choose a weight that is challenging, but stay unbroken throughout!

1:00 Pigeon
1:00 Lizard

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