Monday, July 12


Happy Birthday Catharine McNally & Michele Perez!

4 Inchworm pushup
6 Spiderman lunge
20 Mountain climber
8 Single DB bent over row
10 Scorpion
5 Tuck up
5 V-up
4 Deep squat complex
6 DB push press
4 DB strict press
2-3 Rope get-up
200m Run

EMOM x 24 (8 sets)
Minute 1: 1-4 Rope Climb (Scale to 3-for-1 Ring Row or 2-for-1 Strict pullup)
Minute 2: 10-12 Standing DB strict press (Heavier than 063021)
Minute 3: Max burpees at a slow steady pace (scale by resting every other round)

1:00 Pigeon
1:00 Eagle

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