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Wednesday, August 3


4 Inchworm pushup
10 PVC passthrough
6 Perfect stretch
10 V-up
8 Burpee
w/ empty barbell
5 BTN press
6 Back rack alternating lunge
4 Jump to split
4 Drop to split
4 Deep squat complex
:20 Handstand hold facing away from wall or on a box in a pike
200m Run

A) Jerk drills:
Every :30 x 3 minutes
Drop to split w/ empty bar racked on back
EMOM x 6 minutes
Tall Jerk
Make small increases in weight over the course of 6 minutes

B) 12 minute AMRAP:
Max set of strict HSPU
Alternate between 200m Run and 12/9 Calorie Assault bike
Record total HSPU’s.

1:00 Archer in saddle
1:00 Lizard

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