Abby Houghtling

Growing up, Abby’s parents put her in as many sports and activities as they could as an outlet for all of her energy: she jumped between gymnastics, swimming, and ice hockey until she settled on hockey at the age of 8, which she continued throughout high school. During summer and winter breaks she spent most of her time backpacking, camping, and skiing through Minnesota and Colorado. In college she got into running and strength training, however a few injuries her senior year sidelined her from her fitness journey. After a couple of years she decided to finally try out CrossFit and instantly fell in love with the new challenge it gave her. More than that, the community that came with CrossFit MVA had her hooked. 

As someone who once couldn’t run for 30 seconds straight and now loves collecting those half-marathon medals, Abby loves to see other people reach fitness goals they once thought unattainable. She discovered helping people along their mental and physical health journeys was a passion of hers in college, where she graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Psychology. She decided to keep this passion going by completing her M.S. in Exercise Science, followed immediately by her CrossFit Level 1 course in October 2021. Her dream is to hopefully own and coach at her own gym one day, and is ecstatic that she gets to begin that journey at her first CrossFit gym!

Outside of the gym Abby enjoys photography, traveling, backpacking, camping, and of course binge-watching TV shows with her 1 year old daughter (proud cat mom) Tzatziki.