Adam Jarboe

In 2014, Adam had a new baby and started a new job. He was exhausted but wanted to avoid dadbod. Adam tried Crossfit, primarily because it would fit well into his busy schedule.  Not only did it fit his schedule, he loved it.  Unlike prior attempts at getting into some sort of exercise routine at a globo gym – attempts that were brief, forced, and sporadic – Adam found that he actually enjoyed Crossfit workouts, a lot, and he was excited about all the new things he was learning.
According to Adam, the coaches around him during his initial year of Crossfit made him uncover an inner athlete that he didn’t know before.  And that’s why, in 2016, he got his Crossfit Level 1.  Adam wanted to pay it forward and help others, like him, go from mathlete to athlete.  He’s still a busy dad and lawyer, but Crossfit is Adam’s passion and he loves sharing it with anyone willing to learn.