April has been involved in athletics since she was a young child and discovered yoga as a teenager.  Yoga served as both a segue into “fitness,” and as a therapy which helped her recover from years of competitive gymnastics.  She began teaching yoga in 2002 as she worked on the requirements for her teacher certification.  Since becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher, April has completed trainings in Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Therapy and Children’s Yoga.  In 2005 she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and has worked in the field for the last 9 years.  In class, April combines her yoga training with her knowledge of anatomy and movement, to provide an individualized experience which focuses on the needs and goals of each student.  April has a very hands-on style of instruction and incorporates the use of props whenever possible.

As a traditional food chef & educator, April loves helping others navigate the confusing world of nutrition by teaching traditional and practical skills for the modern kitchen.  She hopes to inspire others to improve their own health one meal at a time.