Christina has been a competitive athlete her entire life. In college, she was a four-year Division 1 rowing athlete and a member of the 2002 All West Coast Conference Team and All West Coast Conference Academic Team. Christina began to Crossfit in 2012 to add weight training to her mostly cardio-based workouts.  After a couple of months of Crossfit, she was amazed at the physical and mental gains, as well as the sense of community that is engrained in Crossfit, and it quickly became a new passion and her sport of choice. Christina has competed in several individual and team Crossfit competitions, as well as Olympic weightlifting competitions.  In her free time, Christina plays competitive softball.


Fueled with a desire to coach, Christina got her Level 1 in 2014 to provide other athletes with the direction and the support to realize their physical and mental potential through Crossfit. Christina is excited to share her passion for fitness and Crossfit with other athletes and help them find success on their Crossfit journey.