Jen Burdick

Jen’s love for movement started at an early age at a local dance studio. She tapped, tumbled, and turned her way through 13 years of dance, most of which was at the competitive level. She dabbled in the sports arena through soccer, but spent most of her field time doing cartwheels.

Needless to say, Jen never touched a barbell until she was forced to during an Elements class in 2013. Though terrified, she sought CrossFit as a means to jumpstart her back-to-health journey after taking a long hiatus from the fitness world and developing some less-than-awesome eating habits. 

Over the past 6 years, Jen has reoriented her life to focus on her health. Through CrossFit, she was introduced to the power of nutrition and the life-changing benefits that stem from it when you find the right mix of movement and real food. Driven by the personal transformation she experienced, Jen obtained her L1 as a way to help others along their own health journeys and give back to the community that has been a powerful part of her own.  

Jen loves creating a fun, encouraging, and safe space for athletes of all levels to come together and get more fit and ultimately, healthier.