Katie started CrossFit in 2012 because her rugby coach threatened to change her position if she didn’t put on some muscle. She signed up after seeing a rerun of the CrossFit Games and thinking, “those girls have muscles, maybe I should give this a try!”

Four years later, she hung up her cleats because rugby was getting in the way of her CrossFit. Along the way, her perspective changed. She went from scaling almost every workout and viewing longtime CrossFitters “almost like they’re gods” to learning skills she previously thought unattainable, like walking on her hands or doing weighted pull-ups.

Katie fell in love with CrossFit for two reasons: the close-knit community and the potential for each athlete to continually see improvement. She became a coach to share these benefits with others, especially in areas that may not already have a CrossFit community. Katie loves working with new clients to push them beyond what they previously thought possible and build their confidence so they can perform both inside and outside the gym.

When she’s not working out or coaching, Katie enjoys the outdoors, competing in obstacle course races, hiking and paddleboarding with her dog, Leia. KT is currently a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer.