Kyle Kirk

With the encouragement of his parents, Kyle participated in several sports and outdoor activities in his youth.  Kyle excelled in soccer, leading him to become a member of The Northern Virginia Royals FC, one of the best club soccer teams in the Northern Virginia area.  Kyle’s athletic abilities also extended to football where he was ranked 17th in the nation as kicker/punter.  It was while playing football that Kyle developed a passion for team sports and fitness. Kyle decided to take his football talents to the great state of West Virginia to finish out his football career in college at Shepherd University.
After graduating from college, Kyle continued to stay active by working out regularly at the gym. His routine of leg extensions and bicep curls soon became boring and monotonous so he asked trainers for suggestions about better routines. Luckily a trainer at the gym pointed him in the direction of CrossFit, and the rest is history.
Kyle is a natural born leader who is both passionate and dedicated; he is determined to make a difference through his coaching techniques. Kyle obtained his Level 1 Certification in 2015, and he looks forward to continuing to share his passion for fitness with those whom he coaches.