Lynn Liebreich

Lynn began practicing yoga in 2000, while working as an engineer in North Carolina. Her roommate invited her to go to a yoga class offered by Julie Rosier, and she quickly realized she loved yoga. She has practiced many sports in her past, including running track & cross country, and rowing on the crew team. But, nothing ever felt so relaxing for her mind and body, yet also very challenging and invigorating!

After 10 years of engineering, Lynn left her career to pursue her passion. She graduated from the YogaWorks 200-Hour teaching program in 2007 in Georgetown and began teaching in the DC metro area. She taught and practiced yoga through two wonderful pregnancies, and believes her yoga breathing helped her have two healthy childbirths. In her classes she focuses on proper alignment to protect the body, while emphasizing the importance of breath, and listening to what the body is telling you today.

In 2017, Lynn completed her 500-Hour Certification at Tranquil Space Dupont and continues to independently study, read, attend workshops, and absorb knowledge and feel wonder at how much there is still to learn. Her goal is to teach her students relaxation techniques while helping them to strengthen their inner and outer selves. Lynn has experience teaching gentle yoga, vinyasa flow, prenatal yoga, mommy and baby yoga, and general hatha yoga to students of various levels. She is greatly influenced by the principles of BKS Iyengar and TKV Desikachar. She continues to study with various teachers who deepen her practice, and marvels everyday at how much she learns from her students.

When she is not at the studio, she is at home playing with her three “boys” (husband included) and adorable Australian shepherd.