Mary Kay Queen

Mary Kay is a generally sporty person and played Division I soccer at the US Air Force Academy in the late ’90s. After years of dabbling in a variety of recreational sports, her athletic career bottomed-out in 2010 during the Arlington Co-Ed Dodgeball Championship where her effort and skill resulted in free beer and t-shirts… for the other team.

In 2008, Mary Kay signed up with a CrossFit gym but chickened out the night before the first class, believing she was too out of shape to begin a regimented fitness program. Three years later, still unable to do a push-up or pull-up, she found herself out of excuses and joined a local CrossFit gym where she quickly got back in shape and re-ignited her collegiate athleticism.

She has a unique perspective on working with athletes and honing in on their needs and movement patterns. She enjoys working with athletes to help them move better and reach their goals. MK currently holds her CrossFit Level 3 and CrossFit Kids Certification.