Michael Perez

Growing up a competitive junior and high school tennis player, Michael spent several years after college coaching, teaching private lessons, and playing as his primary way of staying in shape. Michael eventually moved to Arlington, VA right across the street from a CrossFit gym where he regularly saw groups of people running into and out of the gym looking clearly exhausted yet smiling at the same time. Tired of being in decent cardio shape but never having touched a barbell, he stepped into a CrossFit gym in 2015 and never looked back.

Michael was fortunate to be introduced to not only a great coaching staff that emphasized the basics of safe progression but a welcoming and open community that highlighted the best parts of working out with others. He is a big believer in the importance of technique and the fundamentals as a way to get in great shape and maintain it as a long-term lifestyle. 

In 2019 Michael decided that his commute across the street to the gym was too long, so he moved next door to CrossFit MVA. With the coaching itch still in him decided to eventually get his Level 1 certification.  Michael lives in Alexandria with his dog, Hops, and when not in the gym can be found still out on the local tennis courts or leading whiskey education events.