Rob grew up in an athletic family playing football and baseball in Albuquerque, NM.  He continued to play baseball in college at the United States Air Force Academy until he graduated in 2003.  As a collegiate athlete at a military academy, Rob learned the importance of discipline and hard work and strives to embody those attributes in his daily life.  As a pilot in the Air Force, Rob understands the importance of functional fitness, especially in a deployed environment.

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, Rob discovered CrossFit in 2009 when his wife challenged him to try a workout.  After the 20 minute circuit of bodyweight movements, Rob learned that his fitness level was not nearly as good as he thought it was, and he immediately began CrossFit training to work on his weaknesses.  Rob competed as an individual in the 2010 CrossFit European Regionals and completed his Level 1 Trainer Course shortly thereafter.  He has been training people ever since, and founded CrossFit Heavy at Travis Air Force Base, CA in 2013.  He has a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.