The Double Under! Practice these 3-4 times a week for 5-7 minutes. End on a good note and stop practicing if you begin getting frustrated or your form begins to breakdown.

Choosing the Right Rope & Performing Singles

Make sure you have a fairly heavy rope that is on the shorter side. Practice consistent singles with your elbows in to your side, only using your wrists to get the rope moving (not forearms).

Watch video up to the 4 minute mark.

Non-consecutive Doubles

Once you have 100-200 consistent singles, it’s time to learn the power jump and how to speed up your wrists for doubles.

Begin with 3 singles and a double and progress to 1 single and 1 double. Watch video beginning at the 4-minute mark.

Consecutive Doubles

Make sure you have 50 single/doubles before progressing to consecutive double-unders. Make sure to stay on the ball of the foot and focus on a power jump with elbows in.

Watch the video beginning at the 6-minute mark.

Triple Unders

In order to get triples make sure you have fast wrists and a “bouncy” kangaroo jump. Start with double, double, triple.