The Swing


Practice ~5-10 swings for 3-4 sets.

Make sure you aren’t swinging with your legs.

Progression 1: The Swing

The swing is initiated from the core and shoulder, not the legs.

Drilling a hollow hold to superman will help to reinforce the proper recruitment of core and shoulder musculature.

See video up until 2:15: 

The Hip Drive

Progression 2: The Hip Drive

The next step is transferring the power of the horizontal swing vertically so that you begin to get weightless. This is done by bringing your knees up and pulling the bar down as you begin the back swing. Make sure that you are maintaining a hollow body position (staying tight).

See video 2:30-3:30

Getting Weightless

Progression #3: Getting Weightless

The next part is the toughest part, but this step is crucial in the kip.

Start by practicing on the floor, make sure to practice a fast/explosive jump over the fence and keep your hips elevated at the top.

Once you move to the pull-up bar, you might find that you don’t have the necessary strength to pull-up yet. If not, then use a band.

(Have a coach show you how to use a band and help you select the proper tension of band)

See video from 3:30-5:30.

Stringing them together

Progression #4: Stringing them Together

You got your first pull-up! Congrats! Now it’s time to learn how to string them together and avoid crashing down after each rep. This part is called the “push away”, at the top of the pull, you will push the bar away from you to send you back into the superman position at the bottom of your pull-up.

See video from 5:30-end.

Have you achieved your goal of pullups? Let us know!

I did it!