Follow the progression below in order to get your first MU and let us know if you get stuck on a phase of the progression!

Ring Rows

Pull to lower-sternum. 3 sets of 7-10, 2x/week.

The False Grip

The false grip is necessary for most in order to transition over the rings in a muscle-up. It is very uncomfortable and needs to be trained separately in order for it to become strong and less uncomfortable. Practice 10-30 holds and pull-ups to lower sternum in the false grip.

The Transition with Feet on the Floor

The toughest part for those trying to get their 1st MU is usually the transition. This exercise helps one master the transition between the pull-up and the dip. Don’t practice slow transitions, or you’ll be setting yourself up for failure when it’s time to get on the higher rings.

Practice 5-8 sets of 3 and focus on SPEED!

Band Transition

Make sure to use a band with enough tension so that the transition is fast. Practice 5-8 sets of 3 and focus on SPEED!

Box Transition

You can start with a couple 45# plates and increase height until you are doing the from a box. Practice 5-8 sets of 3 and focus on SPEED!

The Swing

Watch this video from the beginning until 4:30 for the swing.


Make sure to do these under control! Use a band if you do not have the strength yet to do them slow.

7-10 singles to start, build up slow each week until you can do 15-20 singles.

Assisted Muscle Up

These are partner assisted MU. Only do these with the help of a head coach. You must have multiple C2B pull-ups and unassisted dips before attempting these.

The Muscle Up

You did the hard work. Now make it happen!


I got my muscle-up!