Meredith Cantrell

In 2021, Meredith and her husband Gary were looking for a reason to get off the couch, see people again and maybe get in shape.  He suggested CrossFit and she said “sure” while thinking “uh-oh”’.  Once a young competitive gymnast, then tennis player through high school and college, several decades had passed with exercise and sport taking a back seat to kids and life.  She took a deep breath and jumped in.  The CrossFit community, coaching and programming have rekindled her love of fitness and commitment to improving every day.

She quickly realized that the early years of training, even all these years later, still provided a life-long level of fitness and functional movement that made the engagement in CrossFit easier than she thought it would be.  When she started coaching gymnastics classes again, she was also reminded how much she enjoys working with kids and helping build a foundation of fitness and confidence that will last a lifetime, and wants to further that influence through coaching CrossFit Kids.

Outside the gym she spends time with her three teenage kids, the family dog and sometimes Gary.  She loves to hike, ski, travel and spend time with friends and family as much as possible.