My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is an excellent free web and mobile app that makes food logging a breeze.


It takes just 3-steps to Create an Account, and then once you do that, it’s strongly recommended that you also download the mobile app for iOS and Android to make tracking easier and “on the go.”

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Getting Started: Adding Food to a Diary: 

To add a food to your diary, just take the following steps:

On the Web​

  • Click on the “Food” tab, then click “Add Food” under the meal you’d like to log.

In our Mobile Apps

  • Tap the “Add to Diary” button on your Home screen or on the Food Diary page tap the “+” (or “Add”) button
  • Tap the meal to which you would like to add your food.

To search for a food, type its name in the search field. You can enter brand names, or just key words. Then, tap the “Search” button. For greater convenience, some of our apps support searching by scanning an item’s barcode.

Tap on a matching search result, then adjust the Number of Servings or Serving Size to reflect how much of that item you’ve eaten.

That’s it. Your food should be logged in your diary.

Pro Tip: Our database has an enormous number of food items. You may improve your search results by adding terms like “uncooked,” “cooked,” “raw” or “generic” (for instance “apple generic”) if your initial search does not provide the specific item you are seeking.

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Optional: Sharing Diary with a Coach or Friend: 

Decide what level of privacy you would like:

  • Private
  • Friends Only (your friends in MyFitnessPal can see your diary)
  • Locked with a Key (only share with certain people)
  • Make it so that a caoch can find you: go to your Settings > Sharing & Privacy > Email Settings and enable, “People can Find me by Email Address.”

TIP: Copying Meals

Understanding the Food Diary and Food Database