Our Approach

We train you for fitness both inside and outside the gym. Our approach is deliberate and intentional so that we can best serve you.

Quality Coaching

Small Class Size

Skill Development

Focus on Form

Our Approach

Small Class Sizes

Our class sizes are small, between 5-15 people during the week. This provides athletes plenty of space to work safely and freely. Additionally, this allows our coaches to pay close attention to every person in class.

Our Approach

High-Quality Coaching

Coaches are actively engaged during the workouts, providing individualized support and guidance in the workouts. They respond to and modify workouts based on each person's goals and capabilities.

Our Approach

Skill Development

We help athletes build the right foundation for strength and gymnastics movement, regardless of prior experience, if any. That's the beauty of CrossFit; there's always room to learn and improve. Each class has an element of skill work so that members continue to develop the fundamentals as well as advance and refine their technique.

Our Approach

Focus on Quality

We focus on quality over load or speed. We provide accessory work and incremental steps to provide an excellent foundation for your fitness that can be carried outside of the gym. We feature a group warm-up, workout, and cool-down, all the while the coaches provide the 'why' to reinforce what we are doing with various movement patterns. This helps us transfer that knowledge to our functional fitness, performing movements safely and effectively.

Workout of the Day Posts

November 29, 2023


Warm-up: :30 Air bike :30 Inchworm 16 Speed skater :30 Air bike :30 Up down dog 25 Jumping jax :30 Air bike :30 Hollow rock 10 DU/20 SU WOD: 10…
November 28, 2023


Warm-up: 10 PVC passthrough 4 Up down dog 3 Pullup 5 Pushup 7 Bootstrapper 10 PVC halo w/ empty barbell 12 DL 9 HPCL 6 Jerk 4 Inchworm lunge Warm…
November 27, 2023


Happy Birthday, Courtney Greener-Wray & Tore DeBella! Warm-up: 10 Leg swing 10 Bootstrapper 10 Air squat 10 Superman 10 Hollow rock 4 Spiderman lunge w/ reach 10 Cossack squat 5…

MVA Member featured on CrossFit.com

“When I walked into CrossFit, no question, stress was managing me, and now I manage stress,” says Bob Soulliere, a member at CrossFit MVA in Alexandria, Virginia.

Years ago, Soulliere was working a stressful corporate job and thinking chronic back pain and pharmaceuticals were an inevitable part of his life.

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