In October 2015, I realized I was having a hard time keeping up with my four year old:  I had no endurance and I no longer had the strength to pick her up.  I was also at that point where I had to either change my sedentary lifestyle or buy a new wardrobe in the next size up. 

I was driving down Mount Vernon Ave. and saw the MVA CrossFit sign.  I had no idea what MVA CrossFit was, I just saw the word “fit” in it!  I found the website, signed up for the Elements class, and life immediately got better.

At MVA CrossFit, the coaches are amazing (a major shout out to Masters!!) and they do a great job of instructing and motivating at the class and the individual level.  They have the knowledge to accommodate every fitness level and they recognize that getting into shape is a journey.   

Because of MVA CrossFit, I’ve lost 20 pounds in a year and now I can easily keep up with my kid.  I couldn’t ask for more!  What will MVA CrossFit help you accomplish?