Ren & Stimpy – 10.25.2014

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Partner WOD

2 Rounds.  

While partner 1 runs 200 m, partner 2 completes AMRAP of:


24′ Bear Crawl (1 rep)


24′ Broad Jump (1 rep)

* Teams get to subtract 1 second from their time for every rep completed.

Partner 1 runs while partner 2 does amrap of pullups, then partner 1 does amrap of pullups while partner 2 runs.
Continue through all 4 movements this way.  This is a two rounder, once both partners have done all 4 movements, they do it all again.
If partner scores 300 points than they get to subtract 300 seconds from their total time.
Let’s say it takes a partner team 16 minutes (960 seconds), their final score would be 660 seconds or 11 minutes!


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