Reps for MS – 09.13.2014

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To learn about “Reps for MS”, click on the image below to go to the video. 











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In teams of 2, with a running clock, complete the following for max number of reps…
(Unless otherwise noted, one partner works while the other rests)

90 seconds of Wall Ball 20/14lbs
90 seconds of Pull Ups (alternate with your partner every 5 reps, sub Ring Rows)
90 seconds of Ab Mat Sit Ups (both partners work at the same time)
90 seconds of Kettlebell Swings with 53/35lbs
90 seconds of Thrusters with 95/65lbs
90 seconds of Double Unders (both partners work at the same time)
90 seconds of Hand Stand Push Ups (Sub Hand Release Push-Ups)
90 seconds of Box Jumps 24/20″ (alternate with your partner after each rep)
90 seconds of Toes to Bar (Dragon Flag)
90 seconds of Burpees (both partners work at the same time)

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