Restorative Stretch with Celeste

Restorative Stretch is offered at CF MVA on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 1-1:45 PM!

Enrolling in Stretch: Please enroll for restorative stretch through the Pike13 app, no later than 9am the day stretch is held. If no one is registered by 9am Sunday morning, class will be canceled.

What is restorative stretch? Restorative stretch class is focused on spending time in various poses, as well as performing dynamic movement with the goal of improving mobility and flexibility. This class blends restorative yoga poses with active & assisted stretching techniques.   The class begins with dynamic stretches, which warm the body and increase flexibility through movement.  These are followed by restorative postures, which are held for up to three minutes using props to support the body.  This sequence of poses, combined with the hand-on approach of the instructor encourages the muscles to stretch and release, helping the athlete to maintain mobility, prevent injury and increase physical performance. Celeste works with participants to modify movements for each person’s ability levels.

About Celeste Johnston:

Celeste began practicing yoga in 1999 and started teaching yoga in 2011 after having earned her 200-hour Holistic Yoga Teaching Certificate from Pure Prana Yoga Studio in Alexandria, VA.  She became a certified Viniyoga™ teacher in 2015 after completing the American Viniyoga Institute’s 500-hour Viniyoga™ Foundations Program for Teaching and Yoga Therapy.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition with a Concentration in Food Science and a Master of Science degree in Food Science.