The 2015 CrossFit Open

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[section_title style=”with_sub_title” sub_title=”Join us. Have fun. Support one another!”]The Open is Upon Us[/section_title]

[section_title style=”with_sub_title” border_color=”#dddddd” sub_title=”The Open is upon us athletes! For some, the Open is what you’ve been training for all year, for others it may be a fun time to see how you have progressed since last year, but for all it will be a great opportunity to come together as a team and support your fellow CF MVA members.”][/section_title]

[column size=”one_half” is_last=”false”]The Open is 5-week worldwide competition beginning February 26 run by CrossFit Headquarters with participants completing the same workout per week. A new workout is released every Thursday and the results are due in every Monday (5pm Pacific Time). Scaling options are available for the first time this year! Athletes can view the leaderboard throughout the competition to see how they stack up against others in their division across the world. Divisions include ages, regions, and gender. [/column] [column size=”one_half” is_last=”true”][/column]

[section_title style=”with_sub_title” border_color=”#dddddd” sub_title=”It’s for you. It’s for EVERYONE!”]Who is the Open for? [/section_title]

[column size=”one_half” is_last=”false”][/column] [column size=”one_half” is_last=”true”]The Open truly is for everyone! This year for the first year ever, the Open will have a scaled division in order to make the competition accessible to everyone. This is an opportunity to put your fitness to the test and see what you are capable of achieving. People have been known to get their first double-under, muscle-up, or even a PR on a weight during the Open. The electric atmosphere of everyone participating helps ignite the fire within![/column] 

[section_title style=”simple” border_color=”#dddddd”]Should I do the Open?[/section_title] We recently came across this article from CrossFit 204 in discussing the value of the Open. This quote really resonated and helps drive home the fact that the Open is just like any other workout, except you’re participating among hundreds of thousands of people worldwide:

“Open workouts are neither more nor less difficult than any of the workouts you normally do at CrossFit 204. They’re just workouts, much like the ones you do every day. Some people, of course, feel as though being judged changes something, but our coaches constantly watch you and hold you to high standards of movement, so there’s really nothing new there either.” – CrossFit 204


[section_title style=”with_sub_title” sub_title=”a competition only for elite athletes “]What the Open is NOT[/section_title]

The Open is not a competition for only elite athletes. Whether you started CF last week or last year, you are an athlete.  If you enjoy the training environment at CF MVA, then expect more of the same on Fridays throughout the Open.  Everyone will be encouraged and cheered on to do their best and have fun.


[section_title style=”with_sub_title” sub_title=”During regular classes on Fridays, plus 6 pm – 7:30 pm for “Friday Night Lights.””]When will we do the Open?[/section_title] [photo_frame frame_style=”rounded”][/photo_frame]

Every Friday, CF MVA will be programming the Open workouts as part of the regular programming.

Anyone training on Friday, whether or not signed up for the Open will get a chance to participate in the WOD. If you are signed up for the Open and not able to complete the WOD on Friday you can make-up the workout on Sunday during Open Gym (11am-12noon), as long as you find a judge to count for you.

On Friday evenings from 6 pm – 7:30 pm, we will do “Friday Night Lights” in which athletes may participate and spectate in a more social atmosphere. If you’re already done with your workout from earlier in the day, feel free to come and spectate or help judge!


[section_title style=”with_sub_title” border_color=”#dddddd” sub_title=”Sign up on”]I’m in! What’s the next step?[/section_title]

Register for the Open through CrossFit Headquarters!

  1. Create an account
  2. Register and pay $20
  3. Join Team CrossFit MVA!
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[section_title style=”with_sub_title” border_color=”#dddddd” sub_title=”1. Have fun. 2. Support one another. 3. Test your abilities.”]Remember…It’s just exercise! [/section_title]

Remember life is short, have fun and remind yourself that it’s only exercise!!! This is a great opportunity to see how much you’ve improved, set a benchmark for next year, or simply engage in a challenge!


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