[dropcap text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#009bd9″]C[/dropcap]rossfit is about Community. It’s about coming together to support one another in pursuit of a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

It’s about achieving what you didn’t think possible. Most new members begin by thinking, “but there’s no way I can do a pull-up.” or “I need to get in shape before I can start CrossFit.”–there is no pre-CrossFit. CrossFit is the answer.

Through proper modifications and scaling, each new member can perform CrossFit according to their abilities.  When you first step into the 3700-sf Del Ray facility for the first time, you’ll hopefully notice:

  • our small class setting;
  • high coach-to-member ratio
  • commitment to safety, and
  • a mix of beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes working together.



What is CrossFit ? Crossfit is a constantly varied, strength and conditioning program where functionals movements are performed at a high-intensity.  

The functional movements CrossFit prepares individuals to perform have direct carryover to the essential functional tasks that are done in your daily life:

  • squatting,
  • lifting objects (such as groceries, boxes, etc.), and
  • moving yourself across space (climbing stairs, evading a cheetah).

Daily workouts of the day (WOD) are always different and most of all, never routine, which keeps it interesting and fun! The variety of movements include a combination of gymnastics and weightlifting, on any given day could be: running, jumping, pushing, pulling and/or squatting.

CrossFit is for everyone, of all ages, regardless of experience or fitness level. The highly-coached class structure allows for each athletes workout to be modified based on their ability.

The small group settings are not only effective because of the close attention paid to each athlete,  but also because of the support and camaraderie of those working out around participants.

A CrossFit gym (box), truly becomes like a family in which members rejoice in the success of others, whether that’s simply finishing a workout or getting the first pull-up. The community and coaches at CrossFit MVA are here for members in order to help them achieve their goals for health and wellness.


Who is it for?

Yes, CrossFit can be for everyone. But CrossFit is for those people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone.

It’s for people who want to be challenged, who want to learn, and who want to better themselves while being a part of a community committed to wellness.

Scalability for All

In the daily Workout of the Day, there’s one workout for everyone that is completely scalable based on each members skills.

Members can always scale the volume or load (weight) and modify the movement based on ability. Over time, as conditioning, body awareness and strength improve, the volume and load can be increased.


Getting Results

Safety and injury-prevention are our focus. Our group classes are designed to be small in order to ensure high quality and supervised coaching for each member, every time they workout. Everyone from beginners to elite athletes need coaching,

CrossFit MVA’s coaches seek to understand members’ short-and-long-term goals and help them towards achieving them. CrossFit MVA also offers Open Gym for those who want to get in extra work or spend more time improving upon their technique.


The Workout Structure

Classes are 45-minutes long; featuring a group warm-up, skill work and overview, conditioning and/or strength training component, and mobility. The benefits of having a group setting in which everyone trains together are that new members get to see what is possible and be inspired by CrossFit veterans while simultaneously helping the vets to better understand movement through watching new members.  More importantly, everyone gets to support one another. Members never have to finish a workout alone;  it is often the last person to finish that receives the most encouragement, as teammates cheer them to the finish.